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Custom Cage Liners:

​​Get rid of the "stinky smell" in your cage! Our custom tray liners are made of 100% Polypropylene. They are absorbent and all you do is shake it out and put it in the washing machine. Yes these are both machine washable & machine dryable (on Low Heat) and they dry very quickly. You won’t believe the difference! I have been using them for over 4 years now and the difference is amazing! These cage liners are custom made to fit whatever size tray you have in your cage, or and lay it UNDER your reptarium! These liners just don't hold the stench like fleece, or newspaper lining! And, they are machine washable/dryable, and easy to use! When our suggies went on either newspaper or fleece, the newspaper and fleece combined with their urine made a "stinky smell". Now when my suggies go on these liners the liners do not contribute but neutralize the smell. All I do is shake them out, put them back and launder them once a week! UPDATE: We have recently found that the Custom Cage Liners are shrinking about 1/2" all the way around over an 8 to 10 month period. We think it is because the temperatures fluctuate in everyones' dryers. So to be on the safe side please add 1" to your measurements.

To quote a satisified customer, Diana: "Even a little small they work better than anything I have used in my cage to absorb odor!"

Custom Cage Liner Colors Available :

Black or Grey

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