Hmmmm, why not buy two and have one ready for wash day? Pricing: $.0175 per square inch. Pricing examples: A Custom Cage Liner measuring 18” x 18” would cost $5.67 plus actual shipping with tracking. Colors available at this time: Black or Grey (please add 1" to to your measurements for shrinkage over time). All are reversible. You can fill out the form on the "Contact" page or order direct by sending me an email to stankusr@bellsouth.net

               ***All prices quoted are without shipping charges unless otherwise stated.***

Suggie Magnetic

Book Marks:

$3.50 each. Will consider making "Custom Book Marks" of your suggie/suggies with the purchase of 3 or more bookmarks. Pictures must be pre-approved.

Place Your Suggie Mats:

Approximately 12" x 16" $5.50 (shipping included!) $5.00 with order.
To be used for nail cutting, as a pee pad when you first let your babies out, before tent time or before they enter your bonding pouch! Great for breeders that are showing off their babies (like on the kitchen table!) and of course will work for rescues as well. (I use mine every time I trim their nails!)

Glider Ornaments:

Glider Ornaments are 4" Wide x 2.5" Tall

$10.00 each (in-stock)

Introducing the
Clam Shell Hammock:


$7.00 each.