More Products:

Heavy Duty Custom Cage Liners:

Our Heavy Duty Custom Cage Liners are made of one layer of my regular weight polypropylene and a layer of a new heavy duty polypropylene my supplier introduced me to. I have been testing these for several months and am ready to market them.

They are not reversible (like my usual CCL's) the heavy side goes down but they are perfectly safe and are holding up very well. I usually wash them, stretch them out and let them air dry. (These can be used inside the cage on the bottom grate.)


I am also offering Heavy Duty Custom Cage Liners in the black or grey for .028 cents per square inch.


We are also offering Heavy Duty Hammock Sets with a triangular hammock and a rectangular hammock for $15.00 for a set of 2. Available in Black or Grey. 




Two piece hammock set with a triangular hammock  and a rectangular hammock.

Hammock Set:

Available in Black or Grey &

(Royal Blue/Turquoise in limited quanties.)




30" Vines available in  Black or Grey...
Royal Blue Tourquoise no longer available,